Our in-home Speech and Language Therapy services are the heart of how we can help your child improve their communication abilities.

At Speech Matters, our extensive experience in working with children has reaffirmed our belief that your child's communication abilities and needs are unique to them. This is why our first step in crafting a Speech and Language Therapy plan begins with us getting to know your child personally. While there is a high degree of value in traditional sources of information (such as intake forms, patient history, and previous diagnoses), these are not the only tools used in our therapists' clinical assessment. Rather, these traditional sources of information are all used to affirm our findings based on our interactions and experiences in working with your child (be it through a screening, standardized evaluation, or as part of an introductory meeting). 

Our speech and language therapy sessions are built around an individualized program that is designed to actively engage your child through techniques they will find both stimulating and rewarding. We address your child's specific needs through activities that are of interest to them, and tailor therapy plans to integrate skill learning with personal rapport and relationship building. Progress is continuously monitored, and plans are adjusted as needed. Speech and Language Therapy can address a wide range of skill sets, including, but not limited to:

Speech and Language Therapy can also be highly effective in addressing a speech-language developmental delay. You can learn more about common language developmental milestones that are used to determine if a child has a delay in their speech here.

Because every child's needs are unique, we welcome you to contact us if you have any questions about your child's progress or if you think our in-home Speech and Language Therapy sessions may be the right next step.