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AAC Therapy

augmentive and alternative communication (aac)

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AAC Therapy


As the world of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) continues to grow, we have discovered an increased need for parent and AAC user training and intervention.

At Speech Matters, we employ the latest findings and techniques from AAC research in our treatment and training programs. We strongly believe that all children have the right to communicate to their fullest ability, and take our responsibility in aiding them in finding their voice seriously. Speech Matters provides consultation services for families, teachers, and any other professionals that may be working with your child. We provide ongoing treatment using Aided Language Stimulation provided in naturally occurring contexts across a wide variety of communicative settings and exchanges. In addition, Speech Matters provides training for families on how to implement AAC into the home and community environments. We have extensive experience in multiple AAC programs and devices, and welcome any questions you may have regarding AAC and our respective services, including:

  • Consulting for Families, Teachers and Other Professionals

  • Language Development facilitated by AAC

  • Functional Communication

  • Social Language

  • AAC Device Programming

  • Communication Partner Training

We are deeply passionate about the potential AAC offers children, and are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our AAC intervention services. We welcome you to Contact us if you would like to discuss these possibilities further.