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Meeting client goals is only part of the story.


Our passion for helping children achieve their speech and language goals has been proven to both yield results and thrill families in the process. Here's a sample of what some of our families had to say about our speech therapy services:

Nicole is one of the most compassionate people our family has come across. She puts the child’s needs above all and treats you like a person and not a paycheck. She did an excellent job in matching our family with our beloved therapist, who has helped our daughter in so many ways. She is experienced in using our daughters speech generating device and has helped her learn how to use it to be able to communicate with us. She always has a smile on her face and finds a way to connect and relate to our daughter who has severe autism (nonverbal) and severe childhood apraxia of speech. We can’t thank them enough for all the help they provided to our family. In addition our speech therapist was very professional and always on time. Nicole was so responsive and made the process very smooth without having a long wait period to receive services.
— Amanda G., Parent
My daughter struggled with a “slushy S” since she began talking. As a young teen, she became acutely aware of her lisp and felt she needed more support than her weekly speech therapy sessions at school provided. I found Speech Matters LLC online. From the first conversation with owner, Nicole Lombardi, I felt I had made a good choice. After private sessions began in our home, I knew I had made a great choice. The approach and — more important — the results my daughter achieved working with Speech Language Pathologist Courtney R. in a short period of time are impressive! Courtney made the sessions fun by pulling various games and books from her Mary Poppins-like tool bag. (My daughter’s speech improved along with her skills at Uno!) Now, whenever a slushy S shows up in conversations, I just remind my daughter of her lessons and she can quickly remedy and repeat her sentence without it.
I highly recommend Speech Matters, LLC.
— Natalie P., Parent
We had gone through many speech teachers before we met our therapist. My son has made unbelievable progress in the past three years while working with Speech Matters.
— Katy P., Parent
My twins can’t wait for her to come for speech therapy once a week! Our therapist is a wonderful, reliable, caring woman and passionate about working with children. She’s reading, playing and doing crafts with the kids and provides the perfect learning environment. The progress my kids made in a short time was huge.
We definitely recommend her as a speech therapist!
— Annette H., Parent
Speech Matters made such a difference in our daughter’s expressive language! They were quick to get us scheduled, had great scheduling options and genuinely caring staff. Our therapist, Samantha, formed a strong bond with our daughter quickly and we believe that bond and Samantha’s incredible talent as a therapist drove our daughters success!
— Paul and Jackie G., Parents
Since Speech Matters has been working with our son, we’ve noticed a marked improvement in his overall speech. Our therapist patient and really tries to cater each session to his needs and what motivates him the most. She is friendly, great to work with, knows her practice well, and is flexible. Our son loves working with her. We highly recommend Speech Matters.
— Jason P., Parent
Nicole is a gifted, dedicated, thoughtful, creative and all-around wonderful speech therapist. I reached out to Nicole in July, 2016, after my daughter, born with Down Syndrome, was diagnosed with the secondary disability of Apraxia. Nicole has made a meaningful, positive difference in my daughter’s life. When we met Nicole, my daughter was noticeably withdrawn and unwilling to participate in most of the activities in her program. Thanks to Nicole, my daughter has become more expressive and engaged with peers and teachers. She is talking more and has become a more active participant in her school’s drama program. Nicole intuitively knows how to connect with my daughter so that she, in turn, connects with the world around her. I can’t say enough good things!
— June E., Parent
I highly recommend Speech Matters as a speech therapist. Our therapist was able to diagnose the issues the girls were having, that other speech teachers were not focusing on. She also brings a positive attitude to the therapy, she felt that the issues could be addressed and worked on specific techniques for change and improvement. Our therapist developed a specific plan for them based on their developmental stage, and she continually updated this plan based on their progress and development.

Speech Matters is also great at explaining the problems the girls are working on to me and provided me with tools and games that I can use to reinforce their therapy. This was very helpful to me.

I have tried multiple solutions, other private therapists, as well as an ‘institutional’ solution, and I have seen the most improvement with Speech Matters. The one-to-one relationship that our therapist has developed and the consistent help and direction that she provides is unmatched. She is also excellent at record keeping, scheduling and follow-up.
— Liz D., Parent