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Standardized Evaluations

speech and language evaluations

Standardized Speech and Language Evaluations


If your child's screening results indicated additional evaluation may be needed, a Standardized Evaluation may be an appropriate step to further assess their communication skills.

A Speech and Language evaluation is the best way to gain an in-depth look into the way your child communicates, what their areas of strength are, and where they may need some additional help. These evaluations leverage standardized tests that are chosen based on concerns expressed by parents, physician referral, previous screening results, or a combination of these factors. Tests can be administered to evaluate a wide range of communication facets, including:

  • Voice Quality

  • Understanding of Grammar and Syntax

  • Auditory Skills

  • Expressive Use of Grammar and Syntax

  • Understanding of Information Varying in Length and Complexity

The tests administered will vary from highly play-based to more formal in nature, depending on the child's age and what is being evaluated. As with all of our services, these evaluations are completed in the comfort of your child's home.

A thorough evaluation will enable our therapists to carefully consider your child's unique situation and make recommendations based on the findings. Following the evaluation, A detailed report that discusses your child's results will be provided to you; as always, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the results with families in detail. In the event the therapist determines that your child would benefit from therapy services, the findings from our evaluation will allow us to assemble a detailed Speech and Language Therapy plan that is unique to your child and targets their specific needs.

If you think an in-home Speech and Language Evaluation is the right next step for your child, or if you have any questions about these Evaluations, please Contact us.