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Speech and Language Screenings


Speech and Language Screenings are designed to quickly and efficiently identify potential concerns in your child's communication skills that may need further evaluation.

Are you worried about your child's communication development? Do you find yourself wondering if your child is "on track" for their age, or if something they are experiencing from a communication or social perspective is "normal"? Concerns like these are a perfectly normal occurrence for parents as their children develop their communication abilities, and can be explored through an in-home speech and language therapy screening. Abilities that are assessed as part of a Speech and Language Screening include:

These in-home screenings are non-invasive and will be perceived by your child as play. They will provide your child with an opportunity to observe an object or situation and respond verbally to questions about what they see or think. A Speech Matters screening will always include a written summary of the results for your review, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss the results with families in more detail. If your child's results indicate additional assessment may be needed, we will likely recommend a standardized evaluation.

Contact us if you have additional questions about our Speech and Language Screenings, or if you would like to schedule an in-home screening for your child.